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Instagram Marketing Tips

Step By Step Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Business

Can you believe around 2 BILLION PEOPLE use Instagram?

If I were you, I wouldn’t ever have wasted this opportunity to reach a community of 2 billion people.

And this is what every other business is doing. And those who are not are idiots. I don’t mean to offend you. You’ll also say this once you complete reading this.

Now the question arises, HOW?

I’m going to answer all those HOWs and WHYs. Just be patient.

Where to start?

Set up an Instagram business account.

instagram business accountTo enter into this digital world of marketing, the first thing you need to do is to set up an Instagram business account. If you already have one, change it from a personal account to a professional account. Also, change your settings and make your account public from private.

Now comes setting your profile.

Name: Use your company name as the name of your account and your username as well

Profile Photo: Use a photo that describes your brand. You can just use the logo of your company. A lot of companies are doing so. This way, you’ll be easily recognized.

Bio: Instagram allows you to write a short bio of a maximum of 150 words. Give a thought to it. Your bio needs to tell people who you are and how do you help people. Why people should be interested in you, at the end of bio, add a call to action like a link to your website.

This is important. After all, it is very probable because even if made people impressed in your business, they can’t hold onto one thought for a long time and will forget to search you on google if the quick link is not available.

instagram postPosts: Now, this is where actual work begins. To post photos on Instagram, be vigilant about the theme. Don’t post a photo just because it is stunning and is ruining your theme. All the posts on your profile need to represent your brand, so think before you post.

If you are curious about how frequently you should post them 2 to 3 times a day is more than enough. And if you have many photos to share, you can share them all in a single post where people swipe to see the next picture and the one after that.

Statistics show that most of the people use Instagram in the morning between 7 and 8.  When they are getting ready for their offices or schools, at 2 a.m., and 9 in the evening. So consider this before posting. Set a schedule according to the timing your target customers are active and post at that time.

Stories: this is where you have the freedom to get away from your image and professionalism. This is because a particular story stays for just 24 hours. After that, they are removed automatically.

You can post behind the scenes, how your workers are involved in making valuable products to customers, little Q/A to interact with your audience, anything to engage.

So these were the basics, but Instagram marketing is a lot more than just this.

Here comes the real deal. How to reach out to people?

You need to have followers because you appear in the feed of people who follow you. But you don’t have much, right? No worries.


Have you heard of influencers? Yes? Great. No? No problem.

Influencers are people who are famous in particular niches. People follow them and listen to them. So if an influencer is talking about your brand, it means your words are reaching a lot of people even if you don’t have followers. People trust these influencers, so if some makeup artist is using some makeup, her followers are going to check out what that is. Not just because they believe that it will be useful but also because people want to follow trends.

Now big influencers are celebrities. You noticed they have millions of followers. So what they say, what they wear, what they use is seen by millions.

There are other influencers called micro-influencers as well, heard of bloggers?  Even though bloggers, you can reach out to a vast audience.

You will send them your products. They’ll use them and talk about them, and people will get to know you.

Use hashtags:

Make a hashtag specific to your brand. And use other hashtags, the general ones related to your business so that you appear in searches. When people search a word with a hashtag, all the posts with that hashtag appear in the results. Don’t miss this opportunity and use a mix of specific and general hashtags.


Another thing a lot of brands are seen doing is to arrange a giveaway where you need to follow the page, like the post, and recommend it to a specific number of people (like 4 to 5). Then you’ll have the opportunity to enter into a giveaway where the winner will be awarded.

This is a great way to make people share your page and promote you.

Reposting your customer’s photos

If you are posting your customer’s photo, they’ll want others in their circle to see it because it comes with a feeling of importance. They’ll feel special and want to brag about it.

So what brands are doing is to ask people to share their photos, and they select one from them and post it on their page.

This also involves some statistics behind it. You have to choose a photo that goes with your theme and represents your brand the best, and you have to check how many people are following him. More people mean more marketing. This can be done weekly or monthly. It will make people excited, and they’ll take it as a competition.


how to make instagram adsInstagram allows you to turn your posts into sponsored ads. In his way, they’ll nor only appear in the feed of your followers but will also appear in the explore section and feed off other people. Set up the budget for this purpose and market your brand as much as you like.


The world is turning all digital, and digital marketing has become a norm.  Follow the race and market your brand according to the latest marketing trends. Only then you won’t be forgotten in this sea of businesses.

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