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Affiliate Marketing

How To Start Affiliate Marketing And Earn $100/day

The situation has changed now people are using the internet with an aim to increase their income. This attraction is all because one person can be a millionaire just by sitting at home. Online earning is getting hits day by day. People even start to switch their physically stable businesses and jobs with online earning.

There are many ways where you can start earning, but the simplest way is to start affiliate marketing. You can start this as your starter, or you can also merge it with your existing business to give a boost to its revenue.

You can earn up to $129.99 as a beginner just in few hours. Are you surprised to know that? You don’t have to be! Because it is true, people earned this much through affiliate marketing.

Quick Info On How To Become Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

The most asked question!

Affiliate marketing is what lets you earn through recommending different products and services to your audience that might be your friends and family.

How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is all about clicking and tracking the link. Whenever you shared an affiliate link and anyone from your audience clicked on it. Then at the spot, a file is a generator with the clicker’s information in the form of cookies also includes email information and IP address, but the main concern is cookies. If that clicker buys the product, then from these cookies, users can track that they are referred through you and on sale, you will get a commission! That’s how easy it is.

Types Of An Affiliate Product That You Can Market

Before to start affiliate marketing, you better have an idea which product you should market, or where your audience’s interest might fall.

Three types of products are there that you can market.

Physical products, Information-based products and services related to different fields.

How to select a product?

There are a few points that you need to keep in mind while selecting a product.

  1. Will, you ever going to buy that product?
  2. Will your audience going to buy that product?
  3. The product buying process is too long to proceed?
  4. What’s the commission on it? (not always)

It’s Better To Buy The First

When you are new into the affiliate marketing field and you want to gain your audience’s trust, then it’s better to start by buying yourself. Afterwards, using the product, you are all allowed to write a fantastic review on it. Though good writing skill is a mandatory thing that is required in affiliate marketing, you can even grab your audience through your attracting words.

Use Social Media To Grab Free Traffic

Social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.. there are a lot of social sites that play a vital role in providing free traffic to the affiliate marketers. Although, the video content also shows a miraculous impact on marketing as one person from video can better demonstrate their product or services.

Once you have earned enough to spend on your marketing to give a boost to your sale or to attract the audience, then later, you can also divert this audience to your affiliate offer with the help of paid ads.

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Products With High Commission

affiliate marketing strategy

Most people choose the physical products as their niche because it is easy to market a physical product, but when we come to its commission and start comparing it with other products, so it’s quite less.

Average commission on a physical product is between 1% to 10%, and anything over 10% is considered as good!

It is due to the expenses involved in the sale of physical products in terms of shipping cost, tax, etc. So I wouldn’t recommend you to go for physical products.

However, through information products, you can earn more commission than physical products. The average commission on an information product is between 30% to 50%. Information based products always have something relatable for the audience. So in information-based product marketing, traffic gathering is also not an issue.

You can also use 12 Minute Affiliate system to promote your product. The team behind this service send your product to thousands of subscribers who are interested in such products. This is one of the best ways to start affiliate marketing.

Services marketing is like the easiest thing to market! We all do use services while using the internet, like hosting sites, websites, apps, etc.

We are so sure about audience usage in the case of services marketing. Its average commission rate is quite low in comparison with information products. You can earn a commission from services marketing around 15% to 30%, but it varies.

Network Selection For Affiliate Marketing

The connection between you and the merchant who will be benefited from your promotional activities should be strong and fit. If you are new to this field, then selecting an affiliate network would be the easiest way for you to proceed and succeed.

Many affiliate networks are present; some of them are associated with big names like Apple, Google, and Amazon. The oldest and most popular affiliate network, Clickbank for sure you have heard about it. Clickbank is doing great in digital product marketing.

To learn affiliate marketing tactics, you just need to take a start and stay motivated until you wouldn’t establish your affiliate marketing business.